Mare Balticum
Baltic Sea
Балти́йское мо́ре
Baltijas jūra

Welcome to the underwater world of the Baltic Sea...

The Baltic Sea is located in Northern Europe. It is surrounded by 10 countries. The Baltic Sea is about 1600 km long, an average of 193 km wide, and an average of 55 m deep.

An impressive diversity of wildlife can be found in this brackish sea.

Numerous ship wrecks provide artificial structures for algae, plants, anemones, sea stars, crabs, and fishes.

Equipped with a macro lens small things reveal it’s beautiful structures and colors. Underwater encounters with flounder, codfish, lumpsucker and co are very common.

The woods and wetlands along the coastline guarantee encounters with deers, hare and numerous sea birds.

Relax and be inspired by pictures taken in and around the Baltic Sea. A dedicated website will focus on the marine life.

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